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DGB Designs can work with you –whether your business is a startup looking for a logo that stands out, or established and ready to take the next step in evolving its visual identity.


From the cave wall paintings of our ancient ancestors [hence the wayback CavePainter Creative from which came DGB] to the 3D digital billboards of modern day Tokyo, we communicate most effectively when it's visual.


So your business has a logo (maybe we created it, maybe you had it already) – this is just one element of building a brand though.. Colours, fonts, style & tone : all need to be used effectively to develop and reinforce awareness.


A place where prospective clients can see what you do – or current customers can check out your latest offers and keep in touch. Purely for show, or rich with interactive features, whatever you need.

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a bit of background..

DGB Designs is the evolution of what was (once upon a time) CavePainter Creative, which was itself the graphic design team offshoot of a small-but-mighty agency from the early 2000’s, called VisionTribe.

Since then, the main director and designer – Dominic – has spent several years contracting in-house for the 3M UK PLC internal design studio, as well as setting up a freelance business (Designer In A Shed). In this freelance role he did stints in various agencies, but also worked direct with many local businesses, helping them to build their brands with print graphics, web assets and video. 


DGB Designs is a trading name of DGB Media Ltd
Company No. 13556255 | Registered Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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